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If ZBrush can display it, KeyShot can render it! Simply choose from the license types below to make your purchase. If you do not yet have a KeyShot 7 or 8 license, you may purchase a special edition KeyShot 9 for ZBrush version, which is available in two varieties. The only limitations of either version are that they require the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge to be able to load models or scenes and can also only open KeyShot scene files that were create with a KeyShot for ZBrush version.

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Home My Cart. ZBrush Plugins.Continuing our top plugins series, check out Paul Hatton's top 10 pluginsavailable for Pixologic's ZBrush ZBrush enables users to create art. It's as simple as that.

ZBrush gives you the tools so that you feel like you're sculpting. Following on from my previous articles looking at Maya and 3ds Max plugins, today we'll take a look at what's on offer for ZBrush. ZBrush is a digital sculpting tool that allows you to create 3D models, texture them and then paint on top. It sets itself apart from more standard modeling packages like 3ds Max by being fundamentally a sculpting package.

ZBrush has an impressive customer base and has been used in a vast range of industries including games, films, and short animations. ZBrush has an impressive toolset but it still benefits from a range of available plugins.

We will explore here both third-party plugins as well as plugins which actually ship with the latest ZBrush release. These are plugins that haven't made it into the core program but Pixologic feel are essential enough to be shipped with the software. This plugin is great for creating trees or other vegetation. It builds upon the strength of Zspheres to provide the necessary tools, which removes the need for the otherwise tedious and repetitive tasks.

It's important to note that it has no presets built into it but rather it gives you the tools to model any tree that you want. Despite being called ZTree, it can actually be used for a range of purposes where Zspheres are involved. This is a brilliant plugin! Creating a hole in a mesh is a relatively straight-forward process but what if you've got to create s of holes! This plugin speeds the whole process up and takes all the stress out of it.

KeyShot is becoming increasingly popular and will continue to do so as it teams up seamlessly with ZBrush. There is both a HD and a Pro version depending on which features you need access to. This plugin lets you automate the process of map creation from your models.

zbrush plugins

Create your normal and bump maps with ease and you can even store your settings to enable you to focus less on material creation and more on sculpting!

This plugin is now shipped with ZBrush so make sure you tick install plugins on the install. This is an incredible plugin! It instantly creates all the required shading networks for use in the new application and even provides 2-way interoperability. This plugin makes moving between ZBrush and other applications absolutely seamless.

When sculpting it's easy for your mesh to become too heavy to handle, especially if you're working with a lot of very fine details! With Decimation Master you can reduce your model's polygon count while keeping all of those fine details. It's a brilliantly efficient plugin.

With just one click this plugin will set up all your UVs in the most efficient way. Previously this was an incredibly time consuming and laborious process. This enables you to focus on the important things like creating your model and texturing it to make it look beautiful.

Why pull your hair out when you can make use of this incredible plugin to do it all for you. The FBX file format was developed by Autodesk and is a widely utilized format for moving between applications. ZBrush doesn't support all of the features contained within the FBX file format but it supports a sufficient number to make it usable.

This plugin supports both export and import. Moving between applications is key for 3D artists. When texturing your models you'll likely be utilizing reference images.

With Image Plane it is possible to bring these images into ZBrush and use them in the texturing process. This enables users to match their reference images as closely as possible without having to keep referring to an external program.Sign up to access exclusive tools, tutorials and giveaways available only to our subscribers.

We respect your privacy. Your email will never be shared with any third party. The Bridge is compatible with:. A perfect companion for ZBrush, the KeyShot renderer is a separate program that can serve as a nearly real-time visualizer of your model while you sculpt or can output your images with photo-real quality for professional presentation. Please see here. Each copy receives a unique serial number which is assigned to a single artist. The software may be activated by internet.

Deactivation is also available, making it easy to move the software between two computers. Offline activation and deactivation may be used for computers without internet access. You may run it on both platforms by taking advantage of the Cross-Platform Secial. See below.

This option is for individual users only; the second copy may not be shared by another user; the discount is not available to companies. Purchase of KeyShot for ZBrush is non-refundable.

zbrush plugins

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Over the years, I have streamlined my workflow and flattened out speed bumps in Zbrush with custom tools. Now they're available to everyone! Ryan's Tools comes in 2 versions: Standard and Pro. Get Standard for free But please leave a donation if you can. Standard is for hobbyists and students. Not for commercial use. No Tech Support. No Extra Brushes or Custom Gizmo. Pro is for any individual or business that is making money with Zbrush. You must buy a license for each seat of Zbrush that you use it with.

It also comes with my custom Gizmo and lots of my custom brushes. Additionally, it comes with tech support if you have trouble. Both versions allow you to download my "Ryans Tools UI. CFG" which you can load into the config as a custom interface so that all my buttons are front and center.

10 ZBrush plugins I love, and why

Version 1. Latest version is 1. Ryan's Tools pick version Loading Full name. Your rental will be available for 30 days. Enter a password and we'll remember your credit card for next time. Good news! Since you already have a Gumroad account, it's also been added to your library.Plugins are optional additions to ZBrush that provide extra functionality.

Often they will take care of repetitive or time-consuming tasks, freeing you to be more creative. The plugins listed here are those that are provided by Pixologic as part of the ZBrush installation.

These instructions are a general guide to installing ZBrush plugins provided by 3rd parties. The actual plugin file and folder names will depend on the plugin being installed. Note: Pixologic plugins are installed during the ZBrush installation or updating process. For most ZBrush plugins, the installation procedure is simple: 1.

Quit ZBrush 2. Extract the zip file to a temporary loaction such as the Desktop. Copy the Plugin. If the plugin has a data folder usually named something like PluginData also copy it and its contents to the ZPlugs64 folder 5.

zbrush plugins

Launch ZBrush. The new plugin will usually have its own submenu in the relevant ZBrush palette. Check the plugin documentation for details. When you unzip a plugin, you will typically get a folder that is named after the plugin.

Single User License

Within that folder are the. The most common mistake when installing plugins is to place the unzipped folder into your ZPlugs64 directory. Instead, you want to unzip a plugin, open that folder, and then copy the contents of the folder into your ZPlugs64 directory.

In other words, the.But there are always ways of adding functionality to an app or improving workflow, and ZBrush is no different. To start with lets look at some of the key ZPlugins bundled with the app. There are several worthy of note, but one of the most useful has to be UV Master. Another useful built-in tool is this ZPlugin for reducing the poly count of your high-resolution models.

The form and detail of your model is retained, but the number of polygons is drastically reduced, which is handy for getting your ultra-high-res ZBrush sculpts ready for rendering, import into game engines, 3D printing and so on. GoZ was introduced several years ago and fundamentally changed the way ZBrush interoperates with other apps. When you initialise GoZ it automatically detects other DCC apps you have and installs the relevant plugin.

So, for example, you can build a polygonal mesh as normal, send it to ZBrush — to add some fine detailing, create UVs, normal and displacement maps etc. And, of course you can always start sculpting in ZBrush and GoZ your model for texturing and rendering, which leads us to…. You can start with either a simple ZSphere chain or use one of the deciduous or coniferous tree presets provided. ZTree will then automatically extend specified branches with ZSpheres and add secondary branches according to the rules laid out in the menu panel.

It provides a shortcut for trimming branches and also will automatically add PolyGroups for texturing and editing later on. With an adaptive skin applied you can then sculpt areas of detail before adding the preset FiberMesh branches and leaves. ZTree includes an L-System, enabling you to apply rules to your branch generation and to build smaller bushes or more geometric, abstract forms. Once the 2.

The collection contains ten tools, plus nine miscellaneous scripts, all accessed from one menu panel. With other tools for handling brush settings, masking, global subdivision and more, this pack is well worth installing.

It also employs a traditional shift-multiple-select system, unlike the willfully eccentric SubTools menu. There are 36 functions available from the one menu panel, covering a variety of useful shortcuts and helpers. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.

035 ZBrush Installing Plugins

And, of course you can always start sculpting in ZBrush and GoZ your model for texturing and rendering, which leads us to… See more 3D articles. Topics ZBrush.ZAppLink is a ZBrush plugin that allows you to seamlessly integrate your favorite image editing software — such as Adobe Photoshop — into your ZBrush workflow. ZAppLink can work on different saved points of view for your model. The main ZAppLink button is towards the top of the Document palette. ZAppLink allows you to store views for front, side, top, bottom… Its very easy to store a view.

Simply position the model and then press the corresponding view.


If the transform is already defined, and you want to change it, then first press the Clear To switch followed by the button of the transform to clear. Then press the transform button again to store it. The LEDs should indicate which views have transforms stored.

Use the Save Views button to save the. Once you store a view the ZAppLink Views switch will be turned on. This will tell ZBrush to export all of your views when going to Photoshop. Turn this off if you only want to export your current view.

Character Strip allows the artist to quickly create a. PSD document with all the views stored for the model. To do this you can not have a model in 3D edit mode on the canvas. Make sure to turn Edit off to send just canvas information. When you add a new layer in your image editor, and then go back to ZBrush, ZBrush looks for a number embedded in the layer name to determine which ZBrush layer the external layer is imported into.

This makes all visible new layer parts have the same Z depth. When you accept the new layer, it will be applied with blending. You will also be given the options of reapplying the new layer without blending. If you delete a layer, you will be asked whether to delete it when returning to ZBrush.

If you delete a layer, then add a new one; be sure to make its number larger than the existing ZBrush layers that were transferred so that the new layer is not inadvertently matched to an existing layer. Merging layers externally will cause one layer to be deleted, and the other layer to accept the edited values at a fixed Z depth, for areas over the background, and at the existing Z depth, for areas that overlap the existing layer.

Layers should only be reordered in ZBrush. Reordering layers in an external editor will confuse ZAppLink, and it will not recognize the edits. While in ZBrush, call up your image editing package and use it to modify the active ZBrush document or tool, then go straight back into ZBrush.

Projections in orthogonal or perspective mode. Multiple view support: With a single click, send your front, back, left, right, top, bottom and two custom views in dedicated layers to your 2D editor.

When your painting is done, automatically reproject all the views back in ZBrush! Create character sheets based on your saved views with a single click. ZAppLink is automatically installed with a standard installation of ZBrush. The ZApplink Properties sub-palette. Sample Character strip. Note: When creating a new layer in your external image editor, make sure the number in its name is higher than the highest-numbered existing layer in ZBrush. Otherwise, you may import the new image over top of an existing ZBrush layer.